The Music – Current Collaborations

MM hand

Besides my solo work, I play with three combos:


neithnors watermark (7 of 7)The neithernors: A full rock ensemble featuring my songs and selected covers, The neithernors’ sound is an echo of the Lower East Side and Hoboken, 2-guitar celebration of noise and nerve.




SCBW portrait Sept 29 2013



The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!   Two-guitar rockabilly gospel attack!  “This is not your father’s blues – it’s more like your grandfather’s…if your grandfather was a preacher in a Mississippi Baptist church.”

Nick C & OCDs Sept 29 2013




The Bottomless Mimosas     Sometimes a duo, sometimes a trio or even a quartet, built around the powerful rock ballads of Jersey City’s own musical tour-de-force, Nick Ciavatta.



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